Why invest in Temagami Gold Inc.?

1. Temagami Gold Inc. (TG) is a new, private company, that has no liabilities, and has a clean share structure piloted by experienced exploration management and knowledge of the Temagami area and its mining camp. 

2. TG holds the single largest assembly of mineral claims in the Temagami Mining Camp.

3. The Temagami Greenstone Belt has seen very little mineral exploration since the 1960s and is considered very under explored.

Note: Mineral Exploration was severely hampered or curtailed from 1973 to 1996 due to the Temagami native land claim legal dispute which has now been resolved. Moreover, from the early 1960's to mid 2000's, some of the most prospective lands were tied up by the Teck, Dofasco (Sherman Mine) and most recently Falconbridge/Glencore. The vast majority of these lands have now come open for staking or acquired by Temagami Gold. 

4. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in place with with Temagami First Nation that covers nearly the entire Temagami Greenstone Belt.

5. TG has no environmental or financial liabilities.

6. TG's primary focus of mineral exploration is on Gold and with secondary emphasis on Copper-Nickel-PGE deposits.

7. TG believes that there are several areas conducive to hosting Gold deposits that could be well over 1 million oz. in the Temagami Greenstone Belt.



The Temagami area has a proven track record of mine and mineral production.

1. The Temagami Greenstone Belt contains two large parallel banded iron formations, and has hosted several Gold and base metal deposits, and several former mines including: the former Sherman iron ore mine, Temagami Copper Mine (Teck), the Kanichee Copper-Nickel PGE Mine, and the Golden Rose gold mine at Emerald Lake. 

2. The Temagami Greenstone Belt has excellent exploration oriented geology to host economic mineral deposits which are confirmed by the many government verified gold, base metal occurrences and deposits, some of which are associated with several prominent deformation zones.   

3. In the heart of the Temagami area, there is an existing, and excellent infrastructure which includes: abundant  sources of water, the Trans-Canada Highway (northern route), electric power, a full range of tele-communications, natural gas, the ONR Railway,  and many gravel access roads.

4. There is a full range of municipal services through the Town of Temagami including: housing, a school, restaurants, accommodations, a grocery store, outdoor recreation activities, municipal road maintenance, snow plowing and waste collection (municipal landfill) services, and water & sewage infrastructure. The nearby towns of Cobalt, Latchford, the City of Temiskaming Shores, as with the City of North Bay and Sudbury have many mining-exploration service providers, shopping, and there is local ONR bus passenger service. And finally,  there is local water based air transportation service, the closest land airport is located south in North Bay, Ontario, approximately 45 minutes driving distance. The City of Toronto is located less than 5 hours driving distance via south on Highway 11, which is 75% four-laned.

5. The former Sherman Mine and Mill site is an excellent location to set up new mining and milling operations as it is a 'brownfield' location that has electric power, a paved road, natural gas, existing tailings ponds, and open pits, water and a rail spurline.

6. The Municipality of Temagami is supportive of mining and exploration activity as a major economic generator. 

7. There is First Nations support for exploration and mining development.

8. Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) provides excellent support and archival data on previous mine workings, including the former Sherman iron mine property.

9. Land Tenure matters are secure and well defined whereby environmental and land based planning concerns and issues have been exhaustively vetted by the Province of Ontario, Temagami First Nation, the public-at-large consultations and the cottaging-tourist operations and organizations.