Sherman Mine

The Historic Sherman Iron Mine

The Sherman Mine operated from 1968 to 1990 and produced 84,603,516 Long tons @ 25.0% Fe with roughly 5-7 years of ore remaining in the 5 pit areas.

An original brochure published by Dofasco, the owners of the mine can be dowloaded as a pdf. Sherman Mine Brochure by Dofasco

The document is an excellent perspective on the history, geology and processes involved in processing iron ore.




General Production & Exploration Information on Sherman Mine

Mine Production Duration: 22 years of mining from 1968 to 1990.

Ore Mined: 84,603,516 long tons or 93,063,867 tons.

Waste Mined: 77,328,905 long tons or 85,061,795 tons.

Concentrate: 25,027,443 long tons or 27,530,187 tons.

Tailings: 84,603,516 long tons (ore mined) - 25,027,443 tons (concentrate) = 59,576,073 long tons or 65,533,680 tons.

Note: 2,200 lbs/ton = 1 long ton.

Source: Basa, E., 1990, MNDM.


Average Iron Content in Ore Reserves

25.09% Fe (Magnetic Iron is 20.5%) (Source: Boyum/Hartviksen)


Amount of Drilling for Reserves Calculations

As of 1969, 78 holes for a total of 31,140 ft. were drilled (Riedel, 1969). Assumed: BQ sized core.


Cost of Drilling in 2011 (equivalent)

Average cost: $100 - $125/metre (-$31.25 - $39.06/ft) (Includes: drilling, mob-demob, geology/technical and assaying "Allin")


Sherman Mine Tailings Area

The topographical map shows the tailings (dumps) locations. The prime site under study, is the largest and just north of the original plant site.



An aerial view of the tailing (prime site) looking N. E. from the plant site.


An aerial view looking S. at the Sherman Mine plant footprint.

Sherman Mine Videos on YouTube